Special aspects of education

Rosanna Cima
Assistant Professor
Marcella Milana
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Decolonial intercultural approach Rosanna Cima
The Latin American decolonial pedagogy, the pedagogical-political instances coming from sub-Saharan Africa and the feminine thought of difference are points of reference for investigating the theoretical constructs and the categories used in reading the encounter with the other. The survey with this approach allows to highlight the positioning of the gaze and to rethink the educational and social work
Adult Education Marcella Milana
Study of learning practices and processes that (intentionally) address adults, regardless of where they take place.
Participated research Rosanna Cima
In the pedagogical sciences, engaged in educational and social work, participatory research involves researchers, professionals and beneficiaries of services. The construction of scientific knowledge comes from a pooling of the different interpretations (participatory hermeneutics) of personal and group experience (phenomenological appr


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