Theory and practice of education

Claudio Girelli
Associate Professor
Federica Valbusa
Temporary Assistant Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Methodology of qualitative research Federica Valbusa
To use qualitative methods to collect and analyze data in researches that are inspired by the ecological paradigm and the naturalistic epistemology. This skill concerns in particular way the application of phenomenological method and grounded theory in educational researches.
Recognize educational fragility, to then intervene at school Claudio Girelli
School fragility is a relevant problem for the school. The causes and the manifestations are many, but they ask to be recognized and faced at various levels to avoid school and educational failure, as well as early school leaving. In this context, research action is necessarily linked with the training of those teachers involved in the research processes, to promote educational and teaching inclusive actions. (Department research line: Teacher training).
Theory of emotional education Federica Valbusa
To deep and develop the Scheler’s phenomenology of emotional life and the Nussbaum’s neo-Stoic theory of emotions in order to found a theory of emotional education able to orient educative paths and empirical researches about the practice of emotional self-understanding.


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