Marta Milani

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Temporary Assistant Professor
Academic sector
Research sector (ERC)
SH2_2 - Social inequalities, social exclusion, social integration

SH2_1 - Social structure, social mobility

Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 1° ala Vipacco,  Room 1.32
+ 39 045 8028332
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Tuesday, Hours 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM,  


Marta Milani is a Senior (Tenure Track) Assistant Professor at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona, a university from which in 2014 she obtained the title of PhD in Education and Loglife Learning. She is the coordinator of the Center for Intercultural Studies headed by Prof. Agostino Portera, as well as a member of the Cooperative Learning Study-Research-Training Group. Her research interests are focused on intercultural education, especially the development of intercultural competence in the school-educational field and the use of Cooperative Learning as a method-methodology to foster inclusion. Her work pertains to the departmental research lines related to citizenship and social inclusion, migration and multicultural societies, and group cooperation and conflict.



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Research groups

Departmental Interdisciplinary Research - SCHOOL (ARIdip – SCHOOL)
The Group proposes a research project on the topic "School and social cohesion in Italy".
Centre for Intercultural Studies
The main aim of the Centre for Intercultural Studies, established at the Department of Educational Science in 1998, is to conduct research, provide cultural services, and develop education theories and teaching methods for a pluralist and multicultural society. The Centre supports and engages in intercultural education, counseling, research and training for schools and professionals in the fields of education, healthcare, social work, law, culture management, business, media and local government. The Centre operates in collaboration with several institutions, authorities and associations, both public and private, national and international, and with accredited professionals. It also cooperates with the IAIE (International Association for Intercultural Education). The Centre disseminates knowledge and information at a local, national and international level to researchers, experts, educators, social workers, and economic and legal advisers.
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Intercultural Competence Analysis of intercultural educational practices and methodologies. Analysis of the concept of intercultural competence in the fields of education, intercultural mediation, business, social work and healthcare. Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Cooperative Learning Study of cooperative learning as a learning method-methodology through social mediation for the promotion of educational contexts of well-being and fully inclusive. Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Intercultural Mediation and Counseling Analysis and study of (inter)cultural mediation and intercultural counseling to know how to move between different cultural frames (recognizing clues of contextualization and to act effectively within a specific cultural frame) both - and above all - to know how to interact effectively in the relationship with culturally different people. Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Title Starting date
Mapping Teacher Training in Europe (MATT) 1/1/19
Creation of Continuous Development Programme for Educators (CCPD4E) 1/1/15
Educational Achievement, Social Inclusion and Cohesion: Innovative Strategies, ICT and Evaluation Models 2/1/13
Cooperating to Learn Together 1/1/13
RICK's Cafe: Renewing Intercultural Competences and Knowledge Spaces 9/1/10
Educazione interculturale alla cittadinanza a scuola e nei media 1/1/10


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