Beatrice Melodia Festa

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Temporary Professor
Dottorando di Ricerca-Phd Candidate
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Palazzo di Lingue,  Floor Secondo,  Room 2.11
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Office Hours

Lunedì, Ore 10:30-12:30
Il ricevimento si terrà presso lo studio dottorandi (stanza 2.12 - secondo piano, Palazzo di Lingue)


Beatrice Melodia Festa is a Phd Candidate, Honorary Fellow and Teaching assistant in Anglo-American Literature at the University of Verona. She holds a Double Master's Degree (MA) in American Studies from Ca’ Foscari University and The University of New York - City College (CUNY).  Her research project Performing Identity: The Technological and Digital Evolution of an American Self, investigates the relationship between identity and technology in American literature exploring the notion of virtual identity and its literary evolution through technological and digital change, from the telegraph to the age of Internet and digitalization. Her interests include Identity Theory, Technology and New Media, Gender Studies, African-American Literature and the Relationship between Literature and Culture. 

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Beatrice Melodia Festa
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