Computer technologies and multimedia (2009/2010)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

Course code
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Andrea Giachetti
Andrea Giachetti
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 22, 2010 al Apr 18, 2010.

Lesson timetable

Sem. 2A
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 3:40 PM - 5:20 PM lesson Lecture Hall Informatica 1 from Mar 15, 2010  to Apr 18, 2010
Tuesday 3:40 PM - 5:20 PM lesson Lecture Hall T.5  
Wednesday 3:40 PM - 5:20 PM lesson Lecture Hall T.5  

Learning outcomes

This course aims at providing the student a solid background related to web content creation.
In the first part web technologies will be described in geeral, then hypertext and multimedia coding will be discussed in detail.


Here is a list of the main topics that will be covered:

- Computers and Networks
- Internet and its services, World Wide Web
- Web evolution, web 2.0
- Static and dynamic website technology
- Information handling, databases, information retrieval
- Web usability
- Web page coding: HTML, cascading Stylesheets
- Inserting multimedia into web pages
- Multimedia coding: images, sounds, video: compression, file formats, data manipulation
- Concetti di e-Learning

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test.