NPSY.Lab - Seminars and Meetings

  dal 16/02/18 al 18/05/18.
February, 16th 2018 
9:00 The Sense of Agency (Deborah Luxon) 

February, 28th 2018 
9:00 Theory of Mind, a review (Maddalena Beccherle) ​

March, 08th 2018 
16:30 Rehabilitation protocols in Anosognosia for Hemiplegia (Deborah Luxon) ​

March, 15th 2018 
16:30 The P-value Crisis (Michele Scandola) 

April, 16th 2018 
9:00 Temporal Discrimination (Valentina Pacella) 

May, 08 th 2018
16:30 A practical introduction to Bayesian Statistics (Michele Scandola) 

May, 15th 2018 
9:00 Moving in space in a wheelchair: the embodiment of one’s own wheelchair and its effects on navigational space representation in people with spinal cord injury (Michele Scandola)

Meetings will be held in English, at Laboratorio T02 per l’età adulta, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane, Palazzo di Lett


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