Master's degrees

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Master's degree in Advanced Social Work
Master's degree in Pedagogical Science
Master's degree in Philosophy
This undergraduate degree offers knowledge concerning all aspects of systematic philosophy and its historical development; it also develops the ability to comprehend a philosophical text, its theoretical ramifications, the history of its sources, how it was received at the time of publication as well as its long term reception. Moreover, the course offers applications of moral philosophy with particular attention put on bioethics so as to develop the ability to formulate recommendations for competent authorities as regards bioethics, to publish scientific findings in Italian as well as other European languages, and to prepare further research projects in the field of philosophy. In the fist year students may choose among a wide range of philosophical disciplines together with related disciplines and in the second year they may choose once again among a variety of philosophical disciplines and related subjects as well as the preparation for the undergraduate thesis.
Master's degree in Psychology for Training and Professional Development

Courses not currently running

Master's degree in Human Resources Training and Development Course partially running (all years except the first)
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