Stigma and invisible diseases as New Fragilities

Starting date
March 5, 2018
Duration (months)
Human Sciences
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Lonardi Cristina

There are stigmatizing diseases that do not involve particular aesthetic clues and that, for this reason, can be kept hidden. Those affected do not reveal their own pathology because of the stigma: epilepsy, some oncological diseases, hiv, diabetes, to give some examples. The theme is well known and widely investigated. But what happens on the Web compared to all this? The web is the place where many people like those described above reveal themselves for the most varied reasons and share their experiences. The web becomes a resource, an obstacle, a place of concealment or the possibility of emerging from invisibility. The project intends to respond to these questions through a qualitative analysis of the content of web pages of open groups.


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Project participants

Roberta Fraccaroli
Teaching Assistant
Cristina Lonardi
Associate Professor
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Società inclusive e pratiche di cittadinanza


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