Research Policy Committee

Massimiliano Badino
Type of body
Quality Assurance Board
Human Sciences
The Research Policy Committee shall:
  • submit proposals to the Department for research policy guidelines;
  • prepare, at the request of the Department, calls for the allocation of specific departmental research funds;
  • follow the procedures for the allocation of such funding and manage the application assessment process, where necessary;
  • assist the Department, if so requested, in the assessment processes in which the Department is involved, or that are promoted by the Department;
  • organise the “Research Day” at the Department of Human Sciences, with the aim of allowing the presentation and discussion of the Department’s research outcomes, fostering mutual knowledge and collaboration between teaching staff and researchers from the Department, and providing opportunities for making available to the general public the progress of any research projects of the Department;
  • provide opinions, at the request of the Department, on proposals for scientific collaboration agreements between the Department and other bodies to be submitted to the Department Council for approval.


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