Specialist degree in Planning and management of training services

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Graduates from the specialist degree courses in planning and management of training services (class 56/s) must acquire: a solid basis of competence in educational sciences, including the dimensions of gender, with particular regard to the questions of orientation, documentation, consultancy, information, certification of training and educational services; - in-depth knowledge of the trends of change in the production and service systems, with specific attention to consequences of these changes for the demand for training and the need to promote equal opportunities in access to the employment market, - advanced knowledge of European and national regulations and of regional regulations concerning professional training and its relations with the employment market, the main ICT technologies in the specific areas of competence; - and advanced written and spoken knowledge of two languages of the European Union. The syllabus of the specialist degree course in Planning and management of training services includes teaching laboratories and training attachments.

Course details

Degree type
Specialized degree courses
2 years
Degree class
56/S - Postgraduate degree in planning and management of education and training services
Supervisory body
Collegio Didattico di Psicologia per la Formazione
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Humanistic Studies Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Human Sciences
Macro area
Subject area
Education, Philosophy and Social Work