Social psychology of care and assistance (2014/2015)

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Monica Pedrazza
Monica Pedrazza
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Semestrino IIA dal Feb 23, 2015 al Apr 18, 2015.

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Semestrino IIA

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Learning outcomes

Educational objectives

Purpose of the course is to explain and discuss how people select, memorize and process relevant information on others. The decision making process in social work will be analyzed and knowledge management frameworks and theories will be presented. Extensive literature in social psychology and organizational sciences has investigated how team can effectively make decision.
Supplementing materials presented in textbook and lectures with video will enhance discussion, by offering real-world examples, illustrating key concepts and inspiring students to revisit ideas outside of class.



Knowledge management, Knowledge as a product and knowledge as a process
The Evidence Based Practice and the Evidence Informed Practice
Empathy, assertiveness and self efficacy in social work
The social psychology of compassion
Self care and social support
Team work
LMX Leader – Member Exchange
TMX Team – Member Exchange

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Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination