Social Influence and Adult Attachment

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October 6, 2016
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Human Sciences
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Trifiletti Elena
social influence, majority and minority, adult attachment

Decades of research in social psychology have shown that individuals tend to conform to the attitudes and beliefs of the majority (Asch, 1951). Researchers have also shown that minorities may exert an influence on majority members in terms of either attitude change (see Moscovici et al., 1969) or creativity (Nemeth & Kwan, 1987). Individual difference variables may play a role in the process of social influence by either favoring or preventing the adherence to the source of social influence (majority or minority). In two experiments, we will test the moderating effect of adult attachment, which is one of the most investigated interpersonal difference variables in psychology. We will examine whether minority and majority influence on individual responses is moderated by attachment security vs. insecurity.

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Elena Trifiletti
Associate Professor


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