Advanced / Professional development course in Cognitive stimulation and educational participation for the elderly

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This course is aimed at educators, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, social workers, doctors and those who wish to improve their skills in observing, teaching and stimulating cognitive function in the elderly. Its multidisciplinary approach, encompassing medical fields such as neurology and geriatrics as well as humanities such as psychology, pedagogy, anthropology and psychomotricity, will enable course participants to gain observation skills in a range of problems that can affect elderly people. They will also learn how to interact effectively with different professionals who may operate in various fields. At the same time, being both a theoretical and practical course, participants will learn about and practice using specific techniques for observation and action.

Course details

Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
0 years
Supervisory body
Comitato scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento e di Aggiornamento professionale in Stimolazione cognitiva ed intervento educativo per la persona anziana
Main Department
Human Sciences
Macro area
Subject area
Education, Philosophy and Social Work