L'affido familiare dal punto di vista dei figli

Starting date
September 1, 2013
Duration (months)
Human Sciences
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Mortari Luigina , Sità Chiara
Affido familiare, educazione

La ricerca nasce dal confronto internazionale sull'affido familiare in Italia, Francia, Romania e si propone di esplorare vissuti e rappresentazioni dei figli naturali e affidatari in merito all'esperienza familiare.

The research started from an overview of foster care in three European countries (Italy, France, Roumania) and aims to explore the children's perspective on living in a foster family.

Foster care from children's perspective

The foster family is a form of family that makes natural children and foster co-exist with a view associated with the systems of protection of children from different countries. The child protection systems have moved from a logic of substitution of "inadequate" families to an idea of support, where the foster family is not supposed to replace the biological one but to strenghten parents' and child's relations and resources. What is the relation between this public discourse and the families'experience? The central aim of the research is to analyze the perception and the experience of children about their family. The research focuses on the point of view of natural children (as people who share their intimate space, and their parents), and children in care (who are engaged in entering a new and familiar world and integrating this process into their whole family experience).

Project participants

Luigina Mortari
Full Professor
Chiara Sità
Associate Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Catherine Sellenet
Université de Nantes


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