Fabio Vicini

Fabio Vicini,  October 1, 2023
Associate Professor
Academic sector
Research sector (ERC)
SH5_8 - Cultural studies, symbolic representation, religious studies

SH2_3 - Diversity and identities, gender, interethnic relations

SH5_9 - Social anthropology, myth, ritual, kinship

SH2_2 - Social inequalities, social exclusion, social integration

Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi,  Floor 1° ala Vipacco,  Room 1.34
+39 045 802 8789
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Wednesday, Hours 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM,   Palazzo Zorzi-Polfranceschi, Floor 1° ala Vipacco, room 1.34


Fabio Vicini is Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Human Sciences. In the past, he has been Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Istanbul 29 Mayis University, Istanbul (2014-2020), TÜBITAK Post-doctoral Researcher, Istanbul (2013-2014), and Research Fellow at BGSMCS, Berlin (2011). He received a Ph.D. in Anthropology and History from SUM – Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (now Istituto di Scienze Umane e Sociali, Scuola Normale Superiore, Firenze) in 2013. In that same year, he was awarded the Malcolm H. Kerr Award in the Social Sciences by MESA. Fabio Vicini's work has appeared in several national and international journals, including Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Culture and Religion, ANUAC, and La Ricerca Folklorica. His latest book is titled Reading Islam: Life and Politics of Brotherhood in Modern Turkey (Boston and Leiden: Brill, 2020). He has conducted ethnographic researches in Turkey, mainly researching contemporary Islamic movements, Sufism, and religiously-inspired forms of civic engagement. His main interests include the Anthropology of religion and Islam; Secularism in Turkey, the MENA region, and Europe (Italy in particular); Political Theology; and Ethics. He is interested in following students whose research explores one or more of these topics, with particular regard to Europe, Turkey, the MENA region, Central Asia, and South-East Asia.

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Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Anthropology of religion Study of Muslim religious life and practice in comparison with that of other faiths, especially Christianity Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Anthropology of migration Research on the so-called second generations of young people whose parents come from a migratory path Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Anthropology of Islam and Muslim Worlds Research on Muslim life, religious imaginaries and practices in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Anthropology of secularism Study of the secular logic that pervades the institutional order in Italy and Europe and how this impacts the life of religious minorities Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Epistemology of anthropological research Critical reflection on the genealogy of anthropological categories and their possible implementation through thought categories of other traditions Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Islamophobia Research on the multiple forms of stereotyping, discrimination, and hostility towards Islam as a religion and Muslims as believers Inclusive societies and citizenship practices
Sociology and anthropology
Title Starting date
Divine Presence: Islam, Ontology, and Transcendence 10/1/20
Giovani Musulmani in Nord Italia 10/1/20
The Presence of the Prophet: Muhammad in the mirror of his community in early and modern Islam 1/1/18
Modernity, Islamic Traditions and the Good Life: Exploring the Construction of Meaningful Modern Muslim Selfhoods 1/1/17
Interiority Unbound: Sufi and Modern articulations of the Self 1/1/15
At the Service of Society: Hizmet as a Shared Notion for Rethinking the Common Good in Turkish Society 3/1/13


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