English (2007/2008)

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Course code
Name of lecturer
Roberta Facchinetti
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. II A, Sem. II B

Lesson timetable

Sem. II B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at improving the students’ ability to read and analyse psycho-pedagogical and sociological texts in English; hence, students will be helped to understand texts that exhibit terms, phrases, syntactic structures and textual features typical of Psychology, Education and Sociology.


1.Analysis of texts drawn from updated sources (mostly scientific journals and textbooks); the following topics will receive special attention:
-assessment and evaluation;
-deficit and handicap;
-development of the concept of `culture’;
-groups and social relationships;
-growing up;
-teacher training;
-the working context;

2.Analysis of English TV programmes dealing with psychological, educational or sociological aspects;

3.Improvement of the students’ skills of understanding texts that exhibit terms, phrases, syntactic structures and textual features typical of Psychology, Education and Sociology;

4.Illustration and evaluation of internet sites to be accessed in order to select:
a)updated articles and documents (pertaining to the fields of Psychology, Education and Sociology);
b)on-line dictionaries and grammar books;
c)further linguistic exercises;

5.Explanation of the main phonetic symbols (IPA alphabet);

6.Explanation of English word-formation rules, with special reference to the most productive affixes.

Facchinetti R., English in the Humanities: Psychology and Education, Padova, Cedam, 1998.
During the lessons, further texts and materials will be distributed.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test divided into four sections:
1.Reading Comprehension
2.Contents and lexicon
NB: before giving the exam, each student is required to get a B1 level certificate (full test: computerised, written and oral) at the Language Centre of the University or at an external language centre (provided such centre follows the European framework).
If a student does not have a B1 level competence in English, s/he is invited to attend practice lessons at the Language Centre. 25 practice hours allow a student to be awarded 1 credit (F credits).