Comparative Education (2007/2008)

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Paola Dal Toso
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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Sem. II B dal Apr 21, 2008 al May 31, 2008.

Lesson timetable

Sem. II B
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall Artigliere  
Tuesday 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall Artigliere  
Wednesday 8:30 AM - 10:10 AM lesson Lecture Hall Zorzi A  

Learning outcomes

This course aims at un understanding of compared education and its foundations (object, purpose, pedagogic boundaries, methodology, conditions and research tools, critical knowledge of the most meaningful aspects of historical evolution and present state of this topic) and to introduce the concept of education through a compared approach to different both historical and present social and cultural models.
A special attention will be focused on the analysis of women education between the end of XIXth and the beginning of the XXth century.


Epistemological analysis of the comparison in general as scientifica research method and especially in the pedagogic sector.
Historical and nethodological aspects.
Evolution of surveys and researches in the present international milieu.
Problems of compared education today.
Women education in Europe in compared perspective: compared survey of the educational patterns with a special attention to the situation in Spain, Portugal and Italy between the end of XIXth and the beginning of the XXth century.

Suggested readings:
- L. Gallo, Problemi e prospettive dell’educazione comparata, Laterza, Bari, 2006.
- A. Cagnolati (a cura di), Tra Natura e Cultura. Profili di donne nella storia dell’educazione, Aracne, Roma, (to be printed soon).
- Students will be supplied with more accurate book references and learning aids during the lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination with open questions, that one can at least partly replace joining actively a deepening seminary.