Bachelor's degree in Social Work

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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
B Diritto privato e della famiglia - Private and family law (IUS/01) 2019/2020
B Disagio e risorse nello sviluppo psicologico - Psychological development: risk and resources (M-PSI/04) 2019/2020
A Istituzioni di diritto pubblico - Public law (IUS/09) 2019/2020
B Metodi e tecniche del servizio sociale i - Social Service Methods and Techniques I (SPS/07) 2019/2020
A Metodi statistici per le scienze sociali - Statistic Methods for Social Science (SECS-S/05) 2019/2020
C Pedagogia speciale - Special Pedagogy (M-PED/03) 2019/2020
12  A Sociologia e ricerca sociale - Sociology and social research (SPS/07) 2019/2020
E Foreign language B1 level (English, French, Spanish, German)  
B Legislazione e amministrazione dei servizi sociali - Legislation and administration of social services (IUS/10) 2020/2021
B/C Metodi e tecniche del servizio sociale ii - Social Service Methods and Techniques II (SPS/07) 2020/2021
B Organizzazione dei servizi - Services Organization (SPS/09) 2020/2021
12  A Politiche sociali e della famiglia - Family and social policies (SPS/07 ,SPS/08) 2020/2021
12  A/B Psicologia sociale e di comunità - Social and community psychology (M-PSI/05 ,M-PSI/07) 2020/2021
D Activities to be chosen by the student  
F Training (2nd year)  
A Antropologia culturale - Cultural anthropology (M-DEA/01) 2021/2022
C Sociologia e politiche dell'inclusione - Sociology and policy of inclusion (SPS/07) 2021/2022
B Medicina di comunita' - Community health (MED/25 ,MED/42) 2021/2022
B/C Metodi e tecniche del servizio sociale III - Methods and techniques of Social Work III (SPS/07) 2021/2022
B Psicologia clinica - Clinical psychology (M-PSI/08) 2021/2022
1 module to be chosen between the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Communication and cultural mediation (M-PED/04) 6 2021/2022
Pedagogy of Care in Social work (M-PED/01) 6 2021/2022
F Training (3rd year)  
D Activities to be chosen by the student  
E Final exam  

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A Basic activities
B Characterizing activities
C Related or complementary activities

DActivities to be chosen by the student
EFinal examination
FOther activitites

SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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