Pedagogia dell'inclusione nei contesti formativi e organizzativi (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

1) To know and understand the pedagogical theories that support the processes and techniques of learning, training and development of individuals and of different working communities with reference also to the necessary processes of social and cultural inclusion. 2) To apply legal, sociological, ethical and anthropological knowledge to the understanding of diversity and migratory phenomena in order to foster and support processes of social and cultural inclusion. SPECIFIC TRATING OBJECTIVE To know the specific elements, both conceptual and operative, distinguishing Special Education from other Pedagogical Disciplines; To know the essential elements of the ICF Classification; To know how to use the concept of functioning for the analysis of special needs of the person in condition of disability/addiction and the research for a better quality of life; To know the main application aspects of the paradigm of social generativity in care work; To know how to identify the main needs for development in those organizations operating in the field of disability, of pathological addictions, of mental health.