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Learning outcomes

1) To know and understand the pedagogical theories that support the processes and techniques of learning, training and development of individuals and of different working communities with reference also to the necessary processes of social and cultural inclusion. 2) Apply pedagogical methodologies and techniques to the analysis of learning processes to vocational training and to the development of practical communities. SPECIFIC TRAINING OBJECTIVES To know and understand some essential lines of the story of pedagogy (education) with specific reference to modern and contemporary ages through the analysis of the thought and the work of meaningful authors who gave special attention to the educational dimension of work and vocational training; To know the development of the models of those vocational training promoted in modern and contemporary ages; To understand the problematic nature of the processes of vocational training in the complexity of the current historical, cultural and economical context; To be able to recognize the most important models of vocational training developed between the Nineteenth and the Twentieth centuries; To define how the consideration of the training value of work has changed through the years, seizing permanence and absence in the current world in order to stress the lines of continuity / discontinuity; To apply the historical and pedagogical knowledge to the reading and understanding of the training for work in the current complexity, as well as in the lifelong vocational learning.