The Neuroscience of Learning (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

1) Know and understand the theories related to learning and training of individuals in the life cycle. 2) Apply the theories on the functioning of individuals, groups and organizations to the analysis of phenomena of learning and personal and social change. 3) Apply the knowledge of the psychological measurement tools of the individual's assessment to the assessment of the needs for learning, training and development of individuals in the life cycle, groups, organizations and communities. SPECIFIC TRAINING OBJECTIVES The students will acquire: - the core knowledge concerning the neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms underlying the learning processes. - knowledge concerning neuronal plasticity processes, in terms of learning and environmental adaptation. - the necessary the know-how about learning processes that can contribute to the design of learning interventions. - the capability to have a critical and sceptical reading of specialistic and non-specialistic literature concerning the neurobiology of learning processes. - the capability to use psychological tools to evaluate learning processes. - basic competencies for scientific research in learning processes.