Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

1) To know and understand the psychological theories that explain attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups; 2) Know and understand the psychological theories that make against the fundamental processes of functioning and adaptation of the individual to the material and social environment; 3) To know and understand methods of research and measurement of psychological phenomena related to the individual, to interpersonal relationships and to groups; 4) Apply the theories on the functioning of individuals, groups and organizations to the analysis of phenomena of learning and of personal and social change. The specific aims of the corse are:providing students with the knowledge of the way the adult attachment style impacts interpersonal preceptions, expectations and behavior in the organizational social domain; providing students with the knowledge and understanding of (explicit) implict norms co-construction in organizational context, of the way variables of individual difference may exacerbate interpersonal relationships in formal/institutional or informal social contexts;providing students with knowledge and understanding of the relationship between empathic attitude and assertiveness, of teamworking processes related to workplace climat andthe leader/follower relationship.