Dynamics and Motivation Psychology (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

1) know and understand those theories that explain the basic processes of functioning and adaptation of the individual to the material and social environment. 2) know and understand those theories that are related to the mechanisms of psychological functioning of people at work and in the organizations, including their motivations, satisfaction and well-being. 3) apply theories on the functioning of individuals, groups and organizations to the description and to the analysis of learning and of personal and social change SPECIFIC TRAINING OBJECTIVES: The course aims to introduce students to the study of motivation and emotions as psychological functions regulating human behaviour. Knowing the basic concepts in these fields will help the students to understand the role of various motivational factors and in particular of affectivity in human behaviour, taking into account the specific context (i.e. interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations) in which these factors interact. Moreover, the course will help the students to understand potential strategies that promote well-being and motivations in learning and not learning contexts.