Pedagogy of Care in Social work (2022/2023)

Course code
Academic sector

Learning outcomes

General learning outcomes
Knowledge and understanding
Knowledge and understanding of the principles concerning the listening attitude
Knowledge and understanding of the empathic relationship management
Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
Ability to develop a collaborative and constructive relationship both with the user and the other professional roles involved in the helping processes. Specific learning outcomes
The teaching aims to transfer basic knowledge relating to the care process in the social pedagogy with the purpose of understanding the needs of the beneficiaries of the services. Particular attention will be given to the bearers of the new frailties of the current social context. The knowledge is linked to the skills of non-judgmental listening, to narrative competence as transformation of situations of empasse, to the holistic and geopolitical vision of situations of fragility and to the identification of areas of empowerment related to both the individual and his family group and / or the group to which they belong (linguistic, religious, cultural). Secondly, the teaching offers basic knowledge of the main narrative tools aimed at identifying, understanding, evaluating and accompanying the beneficiaries of the services in a participatory form, seeking ways of working in a small group according to the practices of popular pedagogies. To identify potential and resources in those who access the social service, in their life environment, in their history in order to activate ways of project creation with users, with other services and supporting networks in the territory.