Sociology and policy of inclusion (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of the determinants of bio-psycho-social well being (with particular regard to the main social problems often faced by social workers) - Knowledge and understanding of the main process of social change Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to place users problems in the wider social dynamics - Ability to recognize the main causes of people needs and distinguish among their social, familial and personal roots. LEARNING OUTCOMES The course is split into two different parts. In the first one, topics of deviance and marginality will be addressed, trying to provide the students with the main sociological models of explanation of these phenomena. The aim is to give the students the knowledge and skills necessary to project and critically assess social interventions in this field. In its second part, the course will deal with the topic of migration, discussing social causes and social mechanisms at the heart of the phenomenon together with its consequences on the social services demand. The aim is to give to students the knowledge and the skills necessary to elaborate critical interpretation of the migration process with particular regard to social work practices (unaccompanied minors, prostitution, economic marginality, and economic exploitation).