Family and social policies (2021/2022)

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Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of main values underpinning social policies and social services Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to recognize the main causes of people needs and distinguish among their social, family and personal roots. - Ability to integrate one’s own action with the meanings and values of the welfare state reforms both at national and at the local level. LEARNING OUTCOMES The course aims at providing students with that knowledge and skills necessary to understand and analyze structures and changes of two relevant institutions in terms of social integration: welfare system and family. More specifically the part dedicated to Social policies will deal with the conceptual, methodological and cultural basis needed to analyze and interpret the genesis and modification of Welfare and Citizenship systems, with particular reference to the factors of the crisis affecting social policies and social inclusion systems. The part dedicated to the sociology of family will provide students with students critical tools for reading and interpretation of the relationship between families and social policies, taking as analysis perspective the role of women.