Community health (2022/2023)

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Learning outcomes

General Learning outcomes Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of the determinants of bio-psycho-social well being (with particular regard to the main social problems often faced by social workers) Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to place users problems in the wider social dynamics - Ability to recognize the main causes of people needs and distinguish among their social, familial and personal roots. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The course intends to provide students with basic medical knowledge and understandings of those diseases having a wide social impact, discussing also the available strategies of intervention with regard to the organization of health services. More in detail, the course will deepen the topic of psychopathology giving particular attention to those pathologies more committing public health services. In the end, students will know: a) the different areas of psychiatric intervention; b) what mental disorders are and how they are classified, c) what are the possible causes of mental disorders; d) how mental health services are structured and organized.