Legislation and administration of social services (2021/2022)

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General Learning outcomes Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of the rules governing social services organizations - Knowledge and understanding of the main legal instruments made available to social workers by their institutions Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to integrate their professional work with the main aims of their institutions - Ability to make full use of the legal instruments made available by their institutions - Ability to know and respect the limits given by the legal apparatus to their actions - Ability to write a social work report SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The objective of the course is to provide students with the fundamental concepts necessary in order to identify, understand and critically analyze the various legislation (constitutional law, primary law, regulations) governing social services, and consequently to ascertain the limits imposed by the law on the professional action by social workers. In particular, the course will impart basic legal knowledge regarding the structure and functioning of (public) social services organizations, the tasks and functions of social workers (for example, the preparation of action plans and social reports) as well as the legal instruments available in order to perform those tasks and functions, and the relationship between the social worker and the institution of origin.