Social and community psychology (2021/2022)

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Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of the determinants of bio-psycho-social well being (with particular regard to the main social problems often faced by social workers) – - Knowledge and understanding of the main process of social change Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to place users problems in the wider social dynamics - Ability to recognize the main causes of people needs and distinguish among their social, familial and personal roots LEARNING OUTCOMES This course has two aims. Firstly, it provides knowledge and understanding about social dynamics by means of the identification of those factors that affect behaviors of individuals, groups, and communities. This will be achieved by focusing on the areas of particular relevance for social workers. During the lessons, the students will develop those skills that are needed to understand the factors that can trigger social changes and that, as a consequence, influence individual and social well-being. Furthermore, the students will develop critical thinking skills on the causes of these behaviors. Secondly, the course provides the basic knowledge related to methods and techniques of analysis and intervention of and in various contexts. The students will be trained to identify the risk factors and the protective factors that can favor actions of individual and community empowerment, these according to the characteristics of the context and the community involved in the various analysis and interventions.