Intercultural education (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 1. Knowing and understanding problems, theories, processes, meanings and actors of educational relationship in multicultural contests. 2. Understanding the epistemological, methodological and teaching aspects of intercultural education and distinction with other approaches. 3. Knowing the historical development of Intercultural Education in Italy, Europe and overseas; 4. Recognizing the educational and cultural needs of the immigrants and understanding both the educational dimensions in contexts of marginality and exclusion, and the categorization processes related to the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Applying knowledge and understanding 1. Knowledge related with expressing own opinion, reflections and evaluations, according with the complexity of the contemporary world. 2. Identifying, in the concrete educational situations, the theoretical and methodological elements that are essential to build intercultural educational projects. 3. Being able to translate the theoretical reference criteria of intercultural education into the ability of listening and dialog in interpersonal and group relations. 4. Learning of acquisition of processes, learning and working methods in social and cultural heterogeneous contexts.