Documentazione nel lavoro educativo (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding Module 1: Documentation pedagogy 1. Know the ways to carry out an accurate and constant documentation of the work done and the great validity profession that is implicit in this practice. 2. Understand that correct and timely documentation represents an element of great communicative value among colleagues, which as such facilitates and strengthens the ability to work in a team. 3. Understand that leaving a written record of daily educational work contributes to the development of a common historical memory among educators working in the same institution and facilitates the formation of a "working tradition, or a common and shared memory. Module 2: Documentation practices laboratory 1. Know and understand the reasons that justify the distinction between the "training", "certification" and "decision-making" meaning of documentation. 2. Know concrete experiences of good documentary practices and reflect on the concrete aspects that define their effectiveness of written documentation. Applying knowledge and understanding Module 1: Documentation pedagogy 1. Understanding of the difference between oral communication and written communication in order to enhance the respective communicative specificities. 2. Learning of the most effective ways to catalog the documentation and make it easily accessible, even in online mode. Module 2: Documentation practices laboratory 1. Practice writing short texts (documents, reports and reflections) to verify the ability to communicate through professional language, used in written form. 2. Try to compose some written documents, related to a typical day in a nursery, and simulate how the text can be read and interpreted by the colleagues who come into service at the time of the change of shift.