Pedagogia speciale per i servizi educativi per l'infanzia (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 1. Knowledge and understanding the field of study of special pedagogy, its specific language, the fundamental theoretical and methodological references and the major international documents on the subject of disability. 2. Knowledge of the characteristics of special educational action and how to design a special educational intervention, knowing how to distinguish between different types of disabilities, different forms of special educational need in childhood. 3. Knowledge the scientific paradigms of reference of the pedagogical-special research, linked to educational work in the first years of life. Applying knowledge and understanding 1. Knowing how to act in accordance with the professional profile of the educator in childhood contexts that provide educational services to people with disabilities. 2. Be able to find relevant and effective sources with respect to the educational problems of people with disabilities and know how to design educational interventions suitable to respond to their special educational needs. 3. Knowing how to implement the educational approach, appropriate and functional to the different types of childhood disabilities.