Storia dell'infanzia e della famiglia (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 1. Acquire the basic knowledge of the method and tools of the work of the historian. 2. Get to know the “others” through comparison with the past, in order to make the educator more aware of the historical, cultural and social changes, that condition the history of childhood and, more broadly, the family. 3. Acquire the awareness that the forms of care towards children and the relationships between the components of the household are the outcome of historical process. Applying knowledge and understanding 1. Know how to contextualise from a historical point of view the educational methods, the different family models and the relationships between the components in relation to the society of belonging. 2. Develop critical sense and independence of judgment in order to seize the historical and cultural influences of the different phenomena and be able to take it considering both in educational projects and in the relationship with the “others”. 3. Develop the capability to identify today’s educational problems, related to childhood and family, depending on the historical, social and cultural context of references.