Legislazione per l'infanzia (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 1. Knowledge and understanding of the legal and pedagogical meaning of children's rights in the Italian Constitution and in the international charters. 2. Knowledge of the national legislation and regional laws relating to infancy. 3. Understanding the profound connection between the "educational needs" of children, the "right" of children to see this right realized and the contemporary "educational duty" of adults and society in general towards them. Applying knowledge and understanding 1. Being able to deepen the understanding of the main childhood problems, considered from the point of view of the "rights" of childhood. 2. Understanding of how art 3 can be applied in daily educational practice of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states the need in every situation to respect the "best interests" of children in a "prominent" way. 3. Being able to connect in a single vision of children rights and the universal rights of human beings.