Communication and cultural mediation (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding - Knowledge and understanding of the principles concerning the listening attitude - Knowledge and understanding of the empathic relationship Ability to apply knowledge and understanding - Ability to develop a collaborative and constructive relationship both with the user and the other professional roles involved in the helping processes. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, students will have acquired knowledge of the epistemological foundations of intercultural communication; will be familiar with the principal models of intercultural communicative competence; will be aware of the existence of different cultural models; and will be familiar with cultural shock methods. Moreover the course will provide students with the skills necessary to detect the assumptions and values at the base of the different cultural models and of the different communicative styles, and will transfer to them the ability to employ the critical incident technique as both a tool for the analysis of case studies, and as a tool in interventions.