History of Concepts (m) (2009/2010)

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Enrico Peruzzi, Rudolf Adam Makkreel
Enrico Peruzzi
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II semestre dal Feb 22, 2010 al Jun 5, 2010.

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Learning outcomes

Introduction, application, and evaluation of case-studies pertaining to (1) the history of ideas, concepts, problems, traditions, institutions; (2) the methods of the history of concepts; and (3) the notion of a pragmatic history of philosophy.


History of Concepts. The course offers a genuinely interdisciplinary program. Each major research emphasis is represented: (a) introductory remarks on the history of ideas, concepts, problems, traditions, institutions; (b) review of methods of the history of concepts and their applications; and (c) evaluation of the role played by a pragmatic history of philosophy. Students are expected to work towards a thorough preparation and training in interdisciplinary intellectual history that will be the basis of their placement in national and international frameworks dedicated to historic research, cultural administration, and information management. The course will be held in compact form (eight weekly hours) during the four weeks of May 2010. A visiting professor, Rudolf Makkreel (Emory University, Atlanta), will contribute to the course by offering the perspective of intellectual historians

All texts will be made available at the beginning of the course.

teaching methods: Seminal discussion.

Assessment methods and criteria

Active course participation, papers, quizzes, final exam consisting of an oral discussion of one of the texts indicated above