General psychology (p) Coordinator: Torquati Stefania (2009/2010)

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Ugo Savardi
Ugo Savardi
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I semestre dal Sep 28, 2009 al Jan 16, 2010.

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The course aims to provide students with basic knowledge on Psychology as an experimental science. This knowledge can be used and further developed in order to increase understanding of a learning processes. The study of Learning and Memory will be presented within the general framework of Cognitive Sciences. In this way students will have the opportunity to understand these processes, by comparing and integrating them within a broader framework of methodologies, theories and models historically and currently used in research on Psychology.


Starting with an introductory analysis of the historical process that led to Psychology becoming an experimental science, the course will then focus on the main themes involved when studying learning and memory as cognitive processes. A special focus will be given from the beginning to the epistemological and methodological differences characterizing Psychology as an experimental science as compared to other humanistic disciplines. The study of learning and memory will be integrated with the study of other classic processes which contribute to the complex human cognitive structure, such as perception, psychophysics, conciousness, attention, language, reasoning and emotions.

Exam texts:
Cicogna, P.C., Occhionero M. (2009) Psicologia generale. Carocci

Assessment methods and criteria

oral interview