Roman History (i+p) - Storia romana I parte (2008/2009)

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Patrizia Basso
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Primo semestre dal Sep 29, 2008 al Jan 17, 2009.

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General acknowledge of the Roman history


No prerequisites
The first part of the course (18 hours) shall be dedicated to provide fundamental methods and tools for the study of the Roman history and the acknowledges the main subjects and events of that historical period. The reading of some the latin authors (such as in particular Livius, De urbe condita I-II; Cicero, De re publica; Suetonius, Augustus) shall be part of the classes. In the second part of the course (18 hours) the subject of the conquest and romanization through the analisys of one particolar region (i.e. Venetia). The reading of some the greek and latin authors (such as in particular Polibius, Strabo, Livius, Plinius) shall be part of the classes.

Front lessons, practical drills and seminars. One educational mission to Roman Verona shall be organized during the lessons period.

The attendance to classes is warmly recommended. Those who could not attend the classes are invited to agree with the professor alternative programmes. In any case alternative programmes shall include one more work from the following: C. NICOLET, Strutture dell'Italia romana (sec. III-I a.C.), Jouvence, Roma 1984; A. GIARDINA, L'Italia romana. Storie di un'identità incompiuta, Laterza, Roma-Bari 1997; W. ECK, L'Italia nell'impero romano. Stato e amministrazione in epoca imperiale, Edipuglia, Bari 1999; E. LO CASCIO (a cura di), Roma imperiale. Una metropoli antica, Carocci, Roma 2000; E. LO CASCIO, Il princeps e il suo impero. Studi di storia amministrativa e finanziaria romana, Edipuglia, Bari 2000.

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