Il linguaggio della geograficità (2007/2008)

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Silvino Salgaro
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Sem. II A dal Feb 18, 2008 al Apr 12, 2008.

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Learning outcomes

In the current society one of the instruments of the mass communication is the image. Used in different ways images constitute a language that communicates messages not always ethically correct, also in the space representation. Through the conceptual and iconographic evolution of the representation of the space we provide the students useful tools to know and understand the geo-cartographic language in order to facilitate autonomy of opinion.


The course is made by three parts
-from the representation to the imaging of the space
-types of geographicity
-analysis and use of the geographicity in the mass communication


LODOVISI A., TORRESANI S., Cartografia e informazione geografica: storia e tecniche, Bologna, Patron, 2005;

One of the following texts:
BUISSERET D., I mondi nuovi: la cartografia dell’Europa moderna, Milano, Bonnard, 2004
NUNZIATA R., La porta di Atlante: un approccio semiologico al linguaggio cartografico, Roma, Gangemi, 2002

Assessment methods and criteria

For students attending the course: written test (optional) and oral test on a program agreeded with the teacher at the beginning of the course.
For students who have not attended lessons: oral test on a program agreeded with the teacher.