Phenomenology of care (2020/2021)

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Luigina Mortari
Luigina Mortari
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding 1. The students should be able to know and understand the theoretical foundation of the philosophy of care. 2. The students should be able to know and Understand the method for an analytic of care. Applying knowledge and understanding 1. The students should be able to recognize the directions of meaning emerging from the practices of care. 2. The students should be able to apply the method of the analytic of care.


The course will present the fundamental principles of the philosophy of care, in connection with the development of a philosophy of education phenomenologically founded.
We will present the two fundamental directions of the practice of care: the care for the other and the care of the self. Both these directions are strictly connected, because of the ontological relationality of the human being.
In particular, the course will focus on the following themes:
• the ontological reasons of care
• the ethical essence of care
• the ways and the postures of being-there which characterize care as practice
• care ethics and virtue ethics
• care for the other and care of the self
• spiritual practices for the care of the self

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A text of your choice:
- Mortari, L. (2006). La pratica dell'aver cura. Milano: Pearson/Mondadori.
- Mortari, L. (2013). Avere cura della vita della mente. Roma: Carocci.
- Mortari, L., & Camerella, A. (a cura di) (2014). Fenomenologia della cura. Napoli: Liguori
- Mortari, L. (2019). Zambrano. Milano: Feltrinelli.

Adhering to a teaching approach inspired by the experiential learning, during the course the students will be involved in laboratory activities. Moreover, according to the narrative paradigm model, the students will be called upon to use the writing as a tool to foster critical rethinking of the experience and/or imagination of care policy scenarios

Reference books
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Assessment methods and criteria

As regard the evaluation tools, different instruments will be used, including open questions, written reports, and oral presentations. The evaluation will concern the capacity of critically managing and rethinking the learning contents, and the comprehension of the fundamental concepts explained in the texts of the course.