Social neurosciences (2020/2021)

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Valentina Moro
Valentina Moro
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Sem. 1B dal Nov 9, 2020 al Jan 9, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to give the basic knowledge about the biological processes underlying social behaviour. In particular the neural correlates of social interactions, in-group and out-group processes and their modulation by environment and culture will be discussed. The course will also illustrate the methodologies of research in social neurosciences and the impact of results in terms of education. By the end of the course students will be able to: - know the biological correlates of social behaviour during social interactions - know the biological correlates of modulations in social behaviour and education - know the research methods in cognitive, social and affective neurosciences - develop the ability to use instruments and techniques for the observation of social behaviour and implicit responses to social interactions - develop the ability to devise and execute experimental studies in social neurosciences.


A summary about the networks involved in social processing (limbic system, prefrontal cortex, insula, cortical medial network, salience network, central executive network, anterior cingulate cortex, face and body perception)
Plasticity of neural networks
The social neurosciences fields (neuroeconomy, neuropsychoanalysis, neuroestetics, neuroetics, neuropolitics.....)
The social life between self and Others
Self awareness (models, deficits anosognosie)
Sociallife (Theory of mind, empathy)
Processes of embodiment (Embodied cognition theories and embodiment experiences)

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Assessment methods and criteria

written exam