APsyM workshop on quantitative data analysis (2020/2021)

Course code
Name of lecturers
Margherita Brondino, Margherita Pasini
Margherita Brondino
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

The workshop aims to provide a training in basic methodological skills appropriate to psychological investigation. Through practical activities, students will be provided with basic training in order to manage a dataset and to analyse it with basic statistical techniques. These practical training sessions will follow the steps: - bibliographical research - data gathering and data entry - data analysis (descriptive and inferential statistics), base level. Open-source and/or very common packages will be used. Download the statistical package JAMOVI
The attendance at the laboratory is compulsory.
There is a final test to assess the obtaneid skills and knowledge


- Data collection and Computer-Assisted Data Entry. How to manage a dataset.
- Computer-Assisted Data Analysis, descriptive statistics. Illustrate and summarize the data.
- Computer-Assisted Data Analysis, inferential statistics. Correlational analysis.
- How to report results.
Statistical package: Jamovi

Assessment methods and criteria

The final qualification will be assessed especially on the basis of the commitment made during the laboratory, the degree of participation during the laboratory, the performance of homework and a final homework that summarizes what was done during the laboratory.