Management of Service Companies (2020/2021)

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Giuseppe Favretto
Giuseppe Favretto
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Sem. 1A dal Sep 21, 2020 al Oct 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING in-depth knowledge of the economic and business dynamics of social work organizations, their management and evaluation ABILITY TO APPLY KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING ability to manage and manage problems related to human resources decision-making ability in complex organizational situations. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The course aims to offer students a reading of the main organizational models that have been applied in the past and which are still used today by companies and administrations in various business contexts. Specifically, the course will deepen the theories and management models of Human Resources from the dawn of classical theories to the discovery of the human, group and motivation. Further reflection will be offered with the analysis of marketing and customer satisfaction in services in order to stimulate students to develop an attention to the users with whom they could compete in both private and public bodies. The theoretical analysis will be completed by an application part dedicated to the analysis of case studies and research applied in different sectors.


1° - Organization Theories; Technological Cycle (Rohmert and Luczak); Industrial Revolution and Work Rationalization; Work Organization Theories and Models; Classic Organizational Models (Weber and Fayol); Scientific Management and Classic Job Analysis (Taylor, Ford, Gilbreth); Human Relations (Mayo); Socio-Technical Systems; Ergonomics; Non Rational Decision Making (Simon); Organizational Behavior; Conflict; Groups in Organizations (Bass, Lewin, Likert); Cooperation, Competition; Organizational Change; Decision Making, Human Error; Human Resources Management; Cases and Experiences.

2° - Services and Public Services; Service and Consulting; Services Marketplace; Supply and Service Production; Process and Value Chain; Customer/user Relationships; Service Quality; Customer Satisfaction; Communications; Strategies; Entrepreneurship; Cases and Experiences

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Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Zeithaml, V., Bitner M.J., Gremler, D.D. Marketing dei Servizi McGraw-Hill 2008
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Assessment methods and criteria

Detailed information on the exam will be placed in the e-learning platform of the course.