Social geography (2020/2021)

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Emanuela Gamberoni
Emanuela Gamberoni
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Sem. 1A dal Sep 21, 2020 al Oct 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING multidisciplinary knowledge aimed at reflecting critical analysis of specific social problems multidisciplinary knowledge aimed at reflecting on the dynamics in which the service is inserted ABILITY TO APPLY KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING capacity for analyzing territorial determinants that can favor or hinder the effectiveness and efficiency of services. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The course is based on two main interrelated trajectories. On the one hand it intends to deal with the basic concepts, the theoretical and methodological principles of the discipline. On the other hand, it aims to analyze some fundamental themes of contemporary social geography, such as the spatial impact of globalization, the social transformations of urban space, the effects of migration and social dynamics, referring to case studies on Italian and African territories. In this way the course aims to develop the reflection on the spatial dimension that characterizes contemporary social facts and phenomena of interest to the specialist Social Worker. The aim is to contribute - with socio-spatial interpretation keys - to the professional training of this figure in the complex context of contemporary society.


- The theoretical bases and the methodologies of social geography
- Urban space and related problems
- The cultural and social factors in the construction of territories and migrations spaces
- Case studies

High interactive lessons, group work (When necessary, materials will be provided during the lessons and/or in pdf), expert meeting, case reports, visual analysis, specific excursion (if possible)

- Bianchetti A., Guaran A.(a cura di), Sguardi sul mondo. Letture di Geografia sociale, Bologna, Pàtron,2014.
- Gamberoni E., Pistocchi F., L’Africa occidentale. Ritratto di un’Africa che cambia, Bologna, Pàtron, 2013.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
GAMBERONI E., PISTOCCHI F., L’Africa occidentale. Ritratto di un’Africa che cambia PATRON, Bologna 2013
BIANCHETTI A., GUARAN, A. (a cura di) Sguardi sul mondo. Letture di Geografia sociale PATRON, Bologna, 2014

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam (open questions and multiple choice questions). The evaluation is on scale of 30. It will consider: knowledge, ability to communicate clearly, proper use of geographical terms, spelling and syntax.