Philosophy and sexual Difference (2020/2021)

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Chiara Zamboni
Chiara Zamboni
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 15, 2021 al Apr 1, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Philosophy and Sexual Difference Learning objectives: The course aims to grasp philosophy in light of the difference between men and women, with the underlying assumption that sexual difference means something as far as the mind’s behaviour is concerned. The sexual difference’s theory is a new and original perspective of feminism in contemporary philosophy. At the end of the course, students will be requested to show knowledge, understanding and critical thinking of the presented authors and texts.


The course aims to investigate - in the female understanding - the link between subconsciuous and impersonal experience. Impersonal is intended as the unrepresentable and nameless core that allows a profound, vital and unprogrammable transformation to emerge that regards subjectivity in relation to the world. This empty place, which has the dynamic funcion of provoking living transformation, has been given many names. In some contexts, it is called God. That is one of the most important names but non the only one. It is, however, what makes a subconsciuous shift of the perception of reality and ourselves possible.

. To investigate into how and when the question of the subconscious emrges in feminist thought, I have included in the programme Chiara Zamboni (edited by), "La carta coperta. L'inconscio nelle pratiche femministe", Moretti&Vitali.

. To consider the relationship between the impersonal and the transformative shift of the subject and the world, I have taken Simone Weil's thought into consideration. Therefore, the programme will include:
a) Simone Weil, "Attesa di Dio", Adelphi ed., the parts entitled:
"L'autobiografia spirituale" pp. 22-43; "Forme dell'amore implicito di Dio" pp. 97-169; "Riflessioni sul buon uso degli studi scolastici in vista dell'amore di Dio", pp. 191-201.
b) Simone Weil, "I catari e la civiltà mediterranea", ed. Marietti.
c) Simone Weil, "La rivelazione indiana", Le Lettere ed., pages to be defined during the course.

. For an introduction to Simone Weil's thought, read: Gloria Zanardo, "Un'apertura di infinito nel finito. Lettura dell'impersonale di Simone Weil", Mimesis ed.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Simone Weil Attesa di Dio Adelphi 2008
Simone Weil I Catari e la civiltà mediterranea Marietti 1997 978-8-821-16110-2
Chiara Zamboni (a cura di) La carta coperta. L'inconscio nelle pratiche femministe Moretti&Vitali 2019 978-8-871-86770-0
Simone Weil La rivelazione indiana Le Lettere 2020
Gloria Zanardo Un'apertura di infinito nel finito. Lettura dell'impersonale di Simone Weil Mimesis 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

There will be an oral examination both for those who attend the course and those who cannot. Those students who cannot attend must contact the teacher for further information on the points in the programme and discuss them. The oral examination assessement will not only be to verify the student's understanding of topics but also whether they have developed anutonomy of judgment and a good capacity of argumentation.
For those who can attend: part of the assessment will be taken from the seminar work wich will be carried out in the second part of course.