General Didactics (2020/2021)

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Maria Renata Zanchin
Maria Renata Zanchin
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Sem. 1A dal Sep 21, 2020 al Oct 31, 2020.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

General Didactics concerns the main tenets and criteria of education. Knowledge and comprehension: Knowledge of the main issues concerning the theory and practics of education.
Abilities: Students will be able to adequately focus on the main lines of the reflection on education, as well as its most important practical applications.


School as a system in the relationship with the extra-school world.
- National and European context.
- Vertical curriculum and continuity.
- Student and learning processes: psycho-pedagogical assumptions of learner centered teaching; meaningful and situated understanding and personal skills, learning beyond the cognitive dimensions: motivational, relational, metacognitive dimensions; online learning and technologies.
- Teacher and construction of the "learning environment": the classroom as an inclusive community, strategies for understanding; authentic / real tasks; from the experience of "distance learning" to blended teaching: technology and web resources.
- Authentic, formative assessment and its tools, student self-assessment;
- Teacher: action research, reflective skills, documentation; team designing and teaching, internal relations (class council, department, college of teachers) and external to the Institute (associations and local authorities).

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Castoldi M. Ambienti di apprendimento: ripensare il modello organizzativo della scuola Carocci 2020
Mortari L. Aver cura di sé Raffaello Cortina Editore. 2019
Ferrari A., Zanchin, M.R. La valutazione integrata. Tra discipline e competenze: una guida metodologica operativa. Pearson 2020
Ruffaldi E., Nicola U. Pensare la Costituzione. Le radici filosofiche della Carta Costituzionale. Loescher Editore 2015
Tacconi G. Tra scuola e lavoro. Una prospettiva didattica sul secondo ciclo del sistema educativo di istruzione e formazione LAS 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

PERSONAL PORTFOLIO consisting of the following activities in progress: (max 8 points)
A. Book review.
Score: up to 4 points.
B. Production of a UdA in cooperative learning, partly in the classroom and partly outside the classroom. Score: up to 4 points.

A WRITTEN TEST of PERSONAL REFLECTION about the UdA. (to be uploaded to the platform within the established deadlines) Score: up to 4 points.

An ORAL INTERVIEW (max 18 points), consisting of:
A. Answer to 1 question of significant understanding.
Score: up to 8 points.
B. Answer to 1 meta-reflection question on the training course attended and its learning outcomes.
Score: up to 6 points.
Answers to 1 knowledge question about the main national Laws on School and european Recommendations.
Score: up to 4 points.


Thursday, December 3 from 8.30 to 10.30 hours
Thursday, December 10 from 8.30 to 11.30

Tuesday 26 January 8.30-12.30
Tuesday 9 February 8.30-12.30