History of Medieval Philosophy (2020/2021)

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Andrea Cavalletti
Andrea Cavalletti
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Sem. 2B dal Apr 14, 2021 al May 29, 2021.

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History of Medieval Philosophy Medieval philosophy spans from late Antiquity to the raise of Humanism (4th century aD-14th century), involving the whole Euro-Mediterranean region, and articulating in for languages: Latin, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew. The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the concepts, the schools, and the main thinkers of the philosophy of the Middle Ages, the latter always considered within the wider context of Western though. Students are expected: KNOWLEDGE: 1. To acquire knowledge of a given range of subjects, texts, and authors, belonging to medieval philosophy, the latter seen as part of the wider context of Western though. 2. By means of the knowledge acquired at point 1, to reach a wider knowledge of the main conceptual lines of Western philosophical tradition. ABILITIES: 1. To approach medieval philosophical texts (read in translations, but always referring them to the original Latin versions) in a scientifically sound way, showing the ability to use correct historical-critical and hermeneutical approaches, and properly using a correct philosophical terminology; 2. To autonomously formulate critically-founded assessments on the subjects analyzed during the course. 3. To use present-day sources and research tools (paper-supported and/or online archives, data banks, online catalogues), also in view of learning how to properly write an academic-style essay and/or the final dissertation. 4. To develop their capacity communicate philosophical contents to specialists and non-specialists alike; 5. To develop their capacity to continue their studies at a MA level.

Reference books
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