Laboratorio - metodi e didattiche delle attivita' motorie e sportive [Gruppo 4] (2020/2021)

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Andrea Tosi
Andrea Tosi
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PERIODO dal Dec 6, 2021 al Jul 31, 2022.

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The development of the concept of the body in theory and didactic practice in history; - the relationship between physical education and diversity; - designing physical education with a view to inclusion and hospitality. - the importance of the interdisciplinary nature of the motor experience: the body as a vehicle for all learning.
Motor Learning The Body in Movement Education and Motility Knowing the Movement and the Body Scheme
The Evolutionary Phases of Movement Motor Skills in the Evolutionary Age Theories, Methodologies and Didactic Activities
Motor Design and Programming of Motor Activities Inclusive Motor Activities for All. Adopt a democratic teaching model made up of strategies and methodologies suited to the needs that favor
interactive communication with the students so that they can move from a more passive role, understood as passive listeners and users of information, typical of the authoritarian model, to a more active and participatory one; Allowing your students to express their ideas serenely without fear of making mistakes or being judged. Valuing participation with stimuli by acting as an expert model for students and showing them how to use and generalize the various strategies. Active participation, formation of small working groups, interaction of the various groups

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
perrotta Didattiche e metodologie delle attività motorie Edizioni Goliardiche 2011 9788878731073 dispense a cura del docente

Assessment methods and criteria

We will proceed with the ongoing evaluation and self-evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired through the presentation of practical plans developed during the laboratory. It is possible to agree with the students the production of a valid Project Work for the purposes of the final evaluation. The teacher is available to students for further information by appointment.