The Neuroscience of Learning (2019/2020)

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Michele Scandola
Michele Scandola
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Sem. 1A dal Sep 23, 2019 al Oct 31, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

1) Know and understand the theories related to learning and training of individuals in the life cycle.
2) Apply the theories on the functioning of individuals, groups and organizations to the analysis of phenomena of learning and personal and social change.
3) Apply the knowledge of the psychological measurement tools of the individual's assessment to the assessment of the needs for learning, training and development of individuals in the life cycle, groups, organizations and communities.


1- Short reference to the key concepts of psychobiology essential to understand learning processes:
a) from the neuron to the nervous networks
b) general neuroanatomy
c) neuroanatomy of learning networks
d) neuroanatomy of memory networks

2- Brain plasticity
a) the plasticity behind brain development
b) plasticity independent of external events
c) plasticity dependent on external events

3- learning and brain plasticity

4- developmental and ageing brain plasticity

5- brain plasticity after brain injury

6- the role of emotions in the neurosciences of learning

7 - the resting brain: the importance of default mode in learning and neuroanatomical development

8 - the danger of neuromites

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Michele Scandola Dispense del corso (Edizione 1)  

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with multiple choice questions and open-ended questions on the entire program, which can reach up to 30L.

An open-ended question on the reading of choice to improve the grade.


Taking into account the Coronavirus emergency, the abovementioned exam changed for the summer session 2020, in agreement with the University indications. The new modality will be an oral exam, by means of the zoom online meeting application.
All the students registered to the exam will receive via institutional email detailed instructions on the execution of the exam the day before th exam.