Sociology of Work (2019/2020)

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Giorgio Gosetti
Giorgio Gosetti
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Sem. 1B dal Nov 11, 2019 al Jan 11, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Objectives of the course are:
(1) knowledge of actual changes in work's work, in relation to different organizational and content dimensions;
(2) acquisition of the main keys to read sociology of work. By studying approaches and specific themes at the center of the sociological analysis of work, we identify concepts, interpretive modes, tools to analyze the main issues related to work.

In particular, teaching will enable the student to acquire:
(1) knowledge of the processes of change in the world of work, observed from the standpoint of different types of workers;
(2) ability to analyze and understand the changing processes in economy and in labor market, in relation to various sectors of production of goods and services, both public and private;
(3) critical analysis skills of different organizational contexts, and the connection of sociological knowledge with that of other constituent disciplines;
(4) critical retrieval, interpretation and analysis of data and information (simple and complex indicators) related to changes in work;
(5) ability to represent the processes studied and contextualization of specific intervention actions.


The course is divided into two parts.

The first part deals with the general aspects of the work. Following the reflections made by a number of authors who have characterized the development of sociology of work, we analize the specificities of the discipline and the contribution that over the years have given to the interpretation of changes in work.

The second part takes into account the different dimensions of the sociological study of labor (labor market, organizational models, training, etc.), paying particular attention to the changes in the circumstances and the specific conditions of the different populations involved (young people, women, immigrants, etc.).

The recommended basic texts, on which the final examination will relate respectively to the first and second parts of the content covered by the teaching, are:
M. La Rosa (a cura di), Il lavoro nella sociologia (Nuova edizione riveduta e integrata), Carocci, Roma, 2007.
G. Gosetti (a cura di), Lavoro e lavori. Strumenti per comprendere il cambiamento, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2011.

During lessons the teacher will provide supplementary materials, especially in reference to data and results of sociological research needed to interpret the phenomena in progress.

For some of the following aspects of the course you may want to read one of the following texts (which are not subject to examination):
D. Gallie, G. Gosetti, M. La Rosa, Qualità del lavoro e della vita lavorativa. Cosa è cambiato e cosa sta cambiando, in Sociologia del lavoro, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2012
G. Gosetti, Lavorare nell’impresa artigiana. Cultura del lavoro e qualità della vita lavorativa, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2014
G. Gosetti, Qualità della vita lavorativa nelle organizzazioni complesse. Il caso dei servizi di salute mentale, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2016;
G. Gosetti, I lavoratori dell’agricoltura: percorsi, culture, condizioni, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2017
Lucia Bertell, Federica de Cordova, Antonia De Vita, Giorgio Gosetti, Senso del lavoro. Uno studio interdisciplinare, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2017.
G. Gosetti (a cura di), Violenza e molestie sessuali nei luoghi di lavoro. Riflessioni a partire da un progetto di ricerca, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2019.

As far as teaching methods are concerned, the lesson includes frontal lessons, integrated with discussion of cases, documentary reading, thematic insights (with presentation and discussion of data on the labor market, results from research paths, etc.), comparisons with significant witnesses.

During the lessons there will be space for questions to collectively discuss any doubts and curiosities while specific clarifications and needs will be presented during the individual reception time.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
M. La Rosa (a cura di) Il lavoro nella sociologia (Nuova edizione riveduta e integrata) Carocci 2007
G. Gosetti (a cura di) Lavoro e lavori. Strumenti per comprendere il cambiamento FrancoAngeli 2011

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination takes place in oral form, with vote on a scale of thirty, without any distinction between attending and non-attending students, and examines the knowledge of sociological approaches to reading the work and the main problems of actual changes.

We will also verify student's abilities foreseen by the training objectives.

There are no intermediate assessment.